My Landrover Defender 110 lost one of its rear mudflaps a while back and was looking rather tatty as a result. So after a few months of putting the job off, I finally bought some replacement rubber and set about putting things right.

The old flap had torn off, leaving a stub still attached to the bracket by a couple of rivets: Torn off mudflap

The old rubber must have come loose previously as one of the rivets was replaced witha nut and bolt. I removed that and drilled out the two remaining rivets to be left with an empty bracket: Bracket with old rivets removed

Then it was simply a case of attaching the replacement rubber to the bracket using new M6 bolts and locking nuts and a couple of large repair washers to hold everything in place, as shown here: Bolt and washer arrangement

The job took a total of about 30 minutes and most of that was because my cordless drill ran out of juice as it wasn’t really powerful enough to drill out the rivets, meaning I had to dig out my big corded drill. I’m pleased with the result as balance has been restored to the rear of my truck: Balance restored!