I recently had a wood burning stove installed which meant that I needed somewhere to store all the logs I’ll be burning. Rather than spend a lot of money on a professionally made log store, I decided to make my own, because hey, I own a hammer and a saw, how hard can it be?

I sketched a rough plan on the bag of an envelope then headed down to my nearest large hardware retailer and picked up some supplies:IMG_20130216_113251 I decided to use a 6’x3' lattice fence panel as the back of the log store because I was feeling lazy.

I created a simple base, using five cross pieces to take the weight of the logs and form the feet of the store:IMG_20130216_121656

Once the base was done, it was time to make the sides. Since I was using a 6’x3' panel for the back, I made the rear uprights just over 3' tall and the front ones around 4'. Throw in a couple of braces and then nail the back in place and I’m left with this: IMG_20130216_131014

For the roof, I added horizontal beams to the front and rear uprights then added 4 rafters, making sure to accurately measure and cut the birdsmouth joints. I certainly didn’t sloppily mark and then eyeball the cuts with a junior hacksaw, oh no:IMG_20130216_142355 I made sure to leave an overhang so the finished roof would extend in front of the store.

I made the roof out of featheredge fence boards, nailing them to the rafters and making sure they overlap each other by around 50%. Fence boards were also used for the sides, makign sure to leave gaps to allow for air circulation: IMG_20130216_161531

So that was the store made, then it was just a case of moving it into position then stacking all the logs up, making sure to leave room for the cat’s house since the store is going against the wall where the cat house normally sits:IMG_20130217_143339

Overall I’m pretty pleased with it, it may not be perfect but it does the job and it looks the part. I’ve filled it with just over 1 cubic metre of logs and there’s room for a bit more should I need it.