Well I really fancy taking a holiday soon - I’ve not had a proper one in ages. I’ve been thinking about a city break in eastern europe maybe.

I’ve just found out that there is an airport at Coventry which is serviced by Thompson Fly and WizzAir. WizzAir fly to Gdansk and Katowice in Poland, and after reading up a bit, I quite fancy the idea of Katowice - maybe make a photography trip out of it. But mainly it’s the thought of flying with a company called “WizzAir” that has me tickled.

I haven’t had a proper holiday in years - there just hasn’t been the time/money/inclination for me to go away and I’m not thrilled by the idea of going away totally on my own. The last time I went away was to a friend’s wedding in Italy last June, but that was a big family get together and the whole wedding thing depresssed me massively so I didn’t enjoy it perhaps as much as I would have liked.

I’m not a big fan of laying around on a beach, I prefer to be doing things. I’ve long had the desire to do something like a cycling tour of somewhere but can’t make my mind up where that “somewhere” is. Maybe I should go for one of those charity fund raising trips and do a bit of good while I have a holiday at the same time? Although that’s probably something to plan for next year…

This year I have plenty of holiday to use up so I’m taking a week off in October while my Mum comes to visit and then I may take a week in November just to mooch about a bit - maybe visit some friends? Anyone fancy I visit - I promise to bring cake and tea?