I’ve updated my website to have a new look and feel, obviously based on a bootstrap theme because I’m no designer and I’m lazy. However, the biggest change is that I’ve moved away from using Wordpress to a static site generator called Hugo.

I’ve stopped using Wordpress because I was sick of constantly having to upgrade it and I was equally sick of the constant attempts at comment spam. Even though I had various anti-spam measures in place and comments had to be approved before getting posted - every day I’d get half a dozen random user accounts generated by spam-bots. Since I don’t need that kind of overhead and hassle I decided to switch to a static site generator instead.

In addition to the change in technologies, I’ve decided to change the way I use this site in an effort to post more frequently than my previous average of once or twice a year. So my main intention is to use this site as a dumping ground for ideas I have and as a build log for my various projects. Traditionally I’ve had lots of ideas scribbled down on bits of paper and in various notebooks that I then forget about. Hopefully by making things public the ideas may provide inspiration for others even if I don’t do anything with them myself. As for project build logs - I have a number of historical projects I aim to get written up and some on going projects that I’ll add to as time goes by (hopefully).