Well, some digging around on the internets, has turned up a number of possibilities for my bike. The research hasn’t been as easy as I would have hoped because most of the vintage raleigh resources cater for the American models, as opposed to the British ones, which seeme dto come in a greater variety and with slightly different spec to their American counterparts.

Browsing Sheldon Brown’s Retro Raleigh pages lead me to believe it might have been a Raleigh Super Course or Raleigh Record, but the componentry seemed a little more basic on my model.

Searching the bike forums turned up the following web site with more Raleigh catalogues in it. A Browse of the 1984 catalogue opend up a few more likely candidates. It’s possibly a Stratos 10 or Medale 10, but I think Medale 10 is the more likely. The spec isn’t exactly the smae as any of the bikes in the catalogue but these seem likely. So basically it was a fairly low-end Raleigh, aimed at commuters/light-use leisure cyclists. Which is good news as I’d feel a bit bad about ripping a really nice bike to bits for use as a single speed ;-)