When giving talks or presentations at work, we often record them so that people who can’t attend can view them later. Currently this is done with a decent still scamera that also records video and a separate laptop (hooked up to the projector) for hosting the presentation slides.

It’d be nice to simplify this and to maybe be able to synchronise the recording to an overlay of the slides (due to poor lighting, the slides are often washed out in the video).

Could a tablet be used to host the presentation (connected to projector via HDMI or Chromecast?) allowing for:

  • Use of the front camera to record the presenter
  • Use of the screen to:
    • show presentation notes/act as a teleprompter
    • Show timings of slides

The recording could be started at the same time as the presentation and the presenter could look at the camera more naturally.

Export the recording and slides together?