Ideas for filling in empty Brown Bag slots

A couple of thoughts on how to fill empty brown bag slots at work

Show Dev videos

Trialled this at short notice yesterday by showing a Google I/O video Casting to the future.

It’s an easy way to fill a slot and there’s plenty of choice, even just from the Google I/O videos.

Could extend this by having a “Vote for the next video” option?

Give Talks Myself

Use it as an opportunity to get loads of presenting practice myself. Give a talk on any current subject of interest. Wouldn’t have to be long, even just 20 - 30 minutes would suffice. Would be good way to develop the habit of creating content and for formalising thoughts I have on various topics.

People may get sick of me presenting all the time but that would hopefully just spur them on to do a talk themselves.

I could tie my presentations in with blog posts (cut down version on linking to full version/authoritative version on my site). Again, good practice at content generation and getting in to the habit.